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imag0738Meredith and I headed over to the Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Summer Book Tour event at Miele Showroom in Wellesley, MA back in June. Jeni Britton Bauer has been making ice cream for over 2 decades. Based out of Columbus, OH, Britton Bauer makes ice cream with grass-grazed milk, local produce, American bean-to-bar chocolate and select ingredients from around the world, including exquisite Fair-Trade-Certified African vanilla and Dutch cocoa. Her second cookbook, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Desserts, came out in May – 2 years after her wildly popular, New York Times Best Selling first cookbook, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Desserts made its debut.

imag0739Jeni is just so lovely. She talked about her career while she sauteed peaches and berries in butter and white wine. The dessert was served with manchego ice cream. Certainly a savory ice cream, it took a few bites to get accustomed to the flavor, but it was really quite nice (not sure I would sit on the couch and eat a whole pint of it, like I would say, with vanilla, but it paired really well with the dessert).

imag0741Jeni’s comes in delicious flavors like goat cheese with red cherries, queen city cayenne, roasted strawberry buttermilk, cherries kickapoo, pistachio &  honey, saison with sunflower seeds and golden flax, wiskey and pecans, wildberry lavender and yazoo sue with rosemary bar nuts.

imag0742Blueberry cobbler with sweet cream ice cream.


imag0855You can only get those great playing card style recipe cards if you go to a Jeni’s event. Jeni spent time after the event chatting with audience members and signing copies of her cookbook. A really lovely evening!

Check out Jeni’s website here.

Miele Showroom 555 Washington St, Wellesley, MA. See their website here.

Wellesley Booksmith 82 Central Street, Wellesley, MA See their events page here.


imag0884After lunch at Quicks Hole we stop a few doors down at Jimmy’s for some ice cream.

imag0881For years they were cash only, but score, they now accept cards!

imag0882Ice cream comes in delicious flavors like chocolate cupcake, coconut almond bar, coffee cake, grasshopper and salted caramel chocolate pretzel.

imag0885I get the caramel cashew crunch in a waffle cone: vanilla ice cream with a caramel swirl, toffee candy crunch and cashews! YUMMM!

What’s your favorite kind of ice cream?


22 Luscombe Road, Woods Hole, MA

Jimmy's of Woods Hole on Urbanspoon

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Organic Living Superfoods started in 2012 by Bruce Namenson (former partner/owner of the Prana Café) and Craig Singer, a former criminal attorney. I met Craig at a Good Ones party and we decided to meet up at Liquid Art House so that he could tell me a bit more about his products. I forewarned him that I generally don’t like putting anything healthy into my body…so I wasn’t sure I was going to like this stuff. That being said, I went in with an open mind. Craig said to me, “just try it, you’ll like it”. While I can’t say that I will ever crave healthy food snacks, these snacks were quite good for what they are (and that’s a glowing recommendation for this gal).

IMG_4679So Craig eases me into the snacks by starting off with the chocolate covered coconut. Manageable. Familiar. The coconut chunks are dehydrated and then covered in dark chocolate, it tastes kind of like a Mounds bar.

IMG_4618The raw, organic, apples n’ cinnamon smell delicious – very cinnamony. The consistency is a little off for me as they are soft and chewy, but not bad at all.

From the website:

“Just Like Apple Pie Without the Crust” Apples benefit your health by carrying a rich amount of pectin which acts as an antioxidant against damage caused by cholesterol in the blood. A flavanoid found only in apples called phloridzin may protect post-menopausal women from osteoporosis & may increase bone density, Apples may also protect the brain from free radicals that may lead to Alzheimer’s disease, they can help lower cholesterol & prevent colon cancer, & are high in fiber. We lightly season our apples with pure cinnamon, a warming spice that has anti-microbial properties & can help prevent blood sugar spikes. Trust us- these apples are addictingly delicious.

IMG_4667Organic raw coconut crusted macadamia nuts don’t really taste very coconut-y to me. I can totally manage these – they taste just  like regular macadamia nuts, just a little fancier!

From the website:

Macadamia nuts are a high energy food and are considered to be the “world’s most delicious nut”. They are rich in the important B-complex vitamins  which are vital for metabolic functions. They also contain small amounts of vitamin A and vitamin E, and are excellent sources of minerals . Macadamias are high in healthy monounsaturated fatty acids,  and they help manage cholesterol levels by increasing the production of protective high density lipoproteins (HDL) while suppressing the unhealthy low density lipoproteins (LDL). This makes them helpful with reducing the risks of heart diseases, stroke, and anti-inflammatory diseases. The nuts themselves also contain no cholesterol either.  Macadamia nuts are good source of phytonutrients or phytochemicals which help slow down the aging process, promote the growth of new cells and tissues, and help reduce the possibilities of certain types of cancer like breast, cervical, gastrointestinal, lung, stomach and prostate cancer. Furthermore, macadamia nuts help promote healthy bone and teeth formation, regulate the body’s fluid balance, boost the immune system, enhance the nervous system, promotes healthy skin, and can even provide relief for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).  Coconut helps to improve heart and brain health with it’s short chain and medium chain fatty acids (which have no negative effect on cholesterol ratios unlike long-chain fatty acids which make up nearly 98% of all fatty acids consumed).  Coconut is also good at reducing sweet cravings due to this fiber and its healthy fats. In addition, coconut helps to improve digestion (and reduce inflammation and other symptoms of digestive issues) by supporting the proper absorption of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

IMG_4656Organic raw dried rambutan taste like extra sweet raisins – or raisins and honey. The texture isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Check out what these fruits look like before they are dehydrated!

Rambutan has the flavor alchemy of a pear and a grape but not as sweet and is indigenous to Malaysia. The fruit has been used in traditional medicine in Southeast Asia for hundreds of years. Rambutan is high in vitamin C, helping to absorb minerals and protecting the body from free radicals. One of the main components of Rambutan is gallic acid which behaves like a free radical scavenger that protects the body from oxidative damage and particularly helpful in fighting cancer. The fruit contains moderate amounts of copper (necessary for the creation of red and white blood cells), manganese (essential to produce active enzymes), phosphorous, iron and calcium. 

IMG_4643Raw organic dried pineapple is surprisingly sweet – sweeter than I would have imagined. Pretty good!

From the website:

  Although thought to have originated in South America, pineapples were first discovered by Europeans in 1493 on the Caribbean island now known as Guadalupe. It’s low in calories, yet a great source of several unique health promoting vitamins, minerals, and other compounds essential for optimum health.  They’re also an excellent source of vitamin C (which boosts immunity and neutralizes harmful free radicals) and contain bromelain which is an enzyme that digests food by breaking down protein. Bromelain has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting, anti-cancer, and digestive benefits. In addition, pineapples contain many antioxidants which provide immune support, protection against inflammation and oxidative stress, and have even been show to help protect against macular degeneration.

IMG_4638Raw organic dried mango slices don’t really taste like mangos – they are better. The texture for me was a little…different, but once you get over it, they are really delicious.

From the website:

Our mango slices are dehydrated at low-temperatures to maintain all vitamins and minerals, but not dehydrated to the extent that they’re completely dried. By leaving them a little bit hydrated, the slices stay soft and plenty chewy.  Mangoes are high in antioxidants which protect against cancer (especially colon, breast, leukemia and prostate cancers) and oxidative stress on the body. Mangoes help lower cholesterol with it’s high levels of dietary fiber, pectin and vitamin C, they help clear the skin, they promote good eye health (good source of vitamin A), they alkalize the entire body, and they boost the immune system (good source of vitamin C). Mangoes also contain 25 different types of carotenoids  which are powerful antioxidants that fight inflammation, enhance the immune system, and help prevent some forms of cancer and heart disease. They even contain enzymes that break down protein, and they also help with digestion and elimination too.

IMG_4624Raw natural dried strawberries are my favorite of the evening. They are like fruit snacks – a hint of sweetness, a good texture and a nice flavor.

From the website:

Strawberries are certifiably a superfood with some of the highest antioxidant values of any fruit. Given their unique combination of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients, they excel in three major categories: cardiovascular support and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, improved regulation of blood sugar with decreased risk of type-2 diabetes, and prevention of certain types of cancers including breast, cervical, colon, and esophageal.  Strawberries are low in calories and fats while being a rich source of health-promoting vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber – all of which are essential for optimal health. With its high levels of vitamin C, strawberries help boost the immune system, counter inflammation, and defend against harmful free radicals and oxidative stress. Strawberries are also rich in B-complex vitamins which help the body metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and protein. Strawberries contain phenols,which gives the strawberry its rich red color and its great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They also contain good amounts of minerals like manganese (helps maintain healthy eyes), potassium (helps with controlling heart rate and blood pressure), iron and copper (required for producing red blood cells), and iodine (important for thyroid function).

IMAG1262Craig has never eaten at Liquid Art House, so I make some suggestions! We sat in the cocktail area on the couches and started with the Lithuanian Farmer’s Cheese Dumplings ($16) with brussels sprout, aged gouda, asian pear, grain mustard. The dumplings are light as air, the asian pear gives a nice sweetness to the dish that compliments the creamy saltiness of the sauce.

IMAG1263German Pretzel sea salt, mustard ($7) is amazing. Simple and yet delicious.

IMAG1264And we have the Flammkuchen ($15) a flat bread with bacon, wild mushroom, onion, rocket. Really nice flavors melding together here and the dish is quite light. Craig also gets the burger that I had been raving about. See my previous review here.


So if you’re looking to mix up your snack routine, check out Organic Living Superfoods. They are sold at stores around town but you can get a better deal  if you order them online!
Organic Living Superfoods

Liquid Art House

100 Arlington Street, Boston, MA

Liquid Art House on Urbanspoon

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imag0874We popped down to the Cape for the weekend and had to stop at one of my favorite restaurants, Quicks Hole in Woods Hole. A popular destination for locals, tourists and those catching the ferry to MV, Quicks Hole offers fresh seafood tacos that are to die for.

imag0887Parking can be scarce here so plan accordingly – and bring lots of quarters for the meters. If it’s a nice day like it was today, you’ll want to hang out and drink on the back patio for a good portion of the day.

imag0875For those of you looking for some shade, they have indoor seating as well as a few bar stools. You order and pay at the counter and they bring your food to your table when it is ready.

imag0876Sweet baja shrimp (6.95/ Two 13.95) filled with pico de gallo, pickled onions, cabbage, queso fresco, and fresh Baja sauce. Look at how amazing those colors are!

imag0880Fresh lobster taco (9.95/ Two 19.95)  filled with pico de gallo, pickled onions, cabbage, queso fresco, and fresh Baja sauce. The sauce on the lobster tacos was a bit heavy and drowned out the sweet flavor of the lobster, but it was still delicious.

What’s your favorite kind of seafood taco?

Quicks Hole

6 Luscombe Ave., Woods Hole, MA

Quicks Hole on Urbanspoon

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IMG_4607On our way up to Kennebunport for the weekend, we stopped in Portland for lunch. Located on a fence between Long Wharf and the Portland Lobster Company on Commercial Street in the Old Port, people put padlocks (love locks) to symbolize their love for one another.

IMG_4601We order inside at the counter and they give us a lobster buzzer. We scope out seats – while it’s sunny outside, there is a cool breeze, but in the end we decided it would be a waste not to eat outside.

IMG_4602There are great views of the water outside, some tables have some shade under the umbrellas. For those not as adventurous, there are tables inside as well.

IMG_4605The lobster roll was pretty good. What threw me off is that the lobster meat was cold but they pour warm butter over it, so if you don’t eat the lobster roll quickly, the butter starts to congeal. The Portland Phoenix voted Portland Lobster Company’s lobster roll the best lobster roll in 2014. In addition to lobster they have a good selection of fried food, salads and wraps. And don’t forget about dessert! Try the locally made blueberry pie.

Portland Lobster Company

180 Commercial Street

Portland, ME

Portland Lobster Co on Urbanspoon

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IMG_4615We headed up to Maine for a quick weekend away in Kennebunkport. We were staying at Hidden Pond, and while it was hard to pick the thing I was MOST excited about, eating at Earth was at the top of my list.

IMG_4637We picked the same weekend to go up to Kennebunkport as M and B, so we decided to meet up the first night for dinner. The restaurant was quite dark, so the pictures here are not the best – good enough for you to get the general idea though.

IMG_4638The treetop/nature theme from the resort is carried through here as well. The decor is beautiful – I love the white lights on the tree branches above the bar.

IMG_4621The restaurant is packed, as I expected it would be. Earth is Ken Oringer’s seventh restaurant. Earth uses local ingredients and produce from the property’s two on site organic gardens.

IMG_4622Sangria ($15) is always a good way to start a meal!

IMG_4625Burrata, mustard fruit, black olive oil, crunchy olives, rhubarb ($15). The plating is a work of art, unlike any burrata dish I’ve had before. Creamy and delicious, this dish makes me crave more burrata on the plate.

IMG_4629Wood fired lobster, green garlic butter, fresh garbanzo beans, Meyer lemon, chamomile ($42). Another great presentation, I loved my entree. Earth makes it easy for you to eat the lobster meat – and there is a decent amount of it.

IMG_4630Crispy skin duck, fermented garlic, sunchokes, baby turnips, tardivo ($36). I know I keep talking about the plating, but it really is quite something to look at.

IMG_4631Diver scallops, smoked potato purée, Fiddle Head, baby fennel, Vidalia onions ($38). Fiddleheads might be one of my favorite things. The scallops were on the larger side, M couldn’t finish the whole dish.

IMG_4633Warm donuts ($10) came served on a wood board – simple and delicious.

IMG_4632Meyer lemon curd, blondie, whipped cream, umiboshi, white chocolate, granola streusel ($10) While I was so full from my lobster entree, I loved every bite of this dessert – meyer lemon anything is top of my list!

 What’s your favorite Ken Oringer restaurant?

Earth at Hidden Pond

354 Goose Rocks Road

Kennebunkport, ME

Earth on Urbanspoon


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IMG_4574The tree spa at Hidden Pond offers three treetop spa rooms connected by a raised catwalk.

IMG_4611How cute are the rooms? The only downside is that they do not have showers at the spa.

IMG_4578I had a pure therapy 60 minute massage ($130) with Emily, who was fantastic. She gave me a customized massage based on our conversation of what I was hoping for.

IMG_4579The spa rooms were very clean, the bed was warm and the room was relaxing. I can see how people fall asleep in massages. They offer many different types of massages: Warmed stone, warmed bamboo, a muscle melt renewal and a pure integration thai yoga massage. They also offer a variety of body treatments: herbal garden body exfoliation, seaweed and green team herbal body wrap, and a Maine honey body buzz warm remedy wrap among others. They have a variety of facials to choose from as well. In peak season, make sure to book your appointments well in advance!

Tree Spa at Hidden Pond

354 Goose Rocks Road, Kennebunkport, ME


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IMG_1365I had bought a Living Social deal months and months ago and booked this weekend getaway to Hidden Pond. We knew friends of friends who got married here and everyone had such good things to say about the resort.

IMG_4663We were there before it was peak season, and it seemed like most of the other guests were also using the Living Social deal. There is so much attention to detail here – it’s impressive. The service from check in to check out was impeccable.

IMG_4584Instead of a hotel, the property has a number of cottages, either one or two bedrooms. We have a one bedroom that is studio style, and the two bedrooms have a full sized kitchen.

IMG_4585Each cabin is named – we get #45, Dilly Dally.

IMG_4586You walk into the front door into a screened in porch, which could be really great on hot summer days/nights.

IMG_1359The inside of the cabin in amazing – the decor is charming – lots of natural elements are incorporated into the design.

IMG_1361There is a small kitchen area with a coffee maker and a small fridge. The fridge is stocked with yogurt, orange juice and milk. There is home made granola and delicious tea. If you call ahead, Hidden Pond can stock your kitchen for you.

IMG_1367Each cottage has an outdoor shower attached to it, with access from the outside and a door inside by the bathroom. (Don’t forget to keep the inside door unlocked!)

IMG_1368It was a little too cold when we were there to take an outdoor shower, but I love the idea of it!

IMG_1369The bathroom was spacious, there was a stand up shower at the end.

IMG_1373Hidden Pond featured L’Occitane products and Frette sheets and robes.

IMG_1362There was a large flat screen tv that was on a swivel arm so you could watch in bed. They also offered a Tivoli radio for guest’s use.

IMG_1366There are so many guest activities that we didn’t have a chance to enjoy – we were so busy!! They offer stand up paddleboarding lessons, mixology classes by the pool, complimentary bikes to use on and off property, a dinner trolley that runs between Hidden Pond and the Tides beach club (so you can enjoy a cocktail (or three) without having to worry about driving, a beach shuttle, and s’mores at dusk. You can even go into Hidden Pond’s garden and pick your own veggies and flowers.

IMG_4640In the morning, they deliver breakfast to your cottage and leave it outside on a hook. It was raining on Saturday morning…

IMG_4660…but on Sunday, we go this cute little cooler, complete with newspaper, freshly brewed coffee, two hot items, two slices of blueberry cake and some fresh fruit.

IMG_4642How delicious does this look? I never want to leave this place!!

Have you been to Hidden Pond? What’s your favorite thing about the resort?

Hidden Pond

354 Goose Rocks Road

Kennebunkport, ME 04046

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Boston Wine SchoolMark and I headed out after work on a Thursday night to the Boston Wine School for a wine and cheese class. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve driven by, or even stopped at the liquor store next door, not realizing the school’s location. Located right on Commonwealth Street, parking can get a little tough so leave a few minutes early. There are about a dozen people in the class, we mingle a bit before we sit down to learn about wine and cheese.

IMG_3537The first pairing while we are getting to know our fellow classmates is a ricotta fresca, a young cow’s milk cheese from New York. It’s served on toast a few different ways,

IMG_3546The ricotta is paired with a NV Jaume Serra “cristalino” cava rose brut that is from Penedes in Southern Spain. It’s light and crisp – perfect for summer.

IMG_3538While pairing our wine and cheese, we also have focaccia bread and olives.

Boston Wine School 1The wines of the evening, in order from left to right:

2012 Chateau de la Chesnaie Muscadet (Sevre en Maine, Loire Valley, northwest France) Muscadet is a white grape and the flavor of the wine is dry and strong.

2013 Berger Gruner Veltliner (Gedersdorf, eastern Austria) This wine was a bit zippy with a light body.

2012 Talbott “Kali Hart” Pinot Noir (Monterey, northern California)

2010 Destino “Cruzados” Tempranillo Syrah (La Mancha, south central Spain)

2011 Chateau Roc de Segur (Lanerrouet, Bordeaux, western France)

We tried the wines by themselves, and then with the cheese to see how the flavors changed.

IMG_3547(Starting at 12 o’clock and going clockwise)

Bucheron Chevre a goat’s milk cheese from the Loire Valley, northern France

Three year old gouda a cow’s milk cheese, Gouda, southern Holland

Brie paturages Comtois a cow’s milk cheese from Franche Comte, central France

Manchego a cow and sheep’s milk cheese from La Mancha, south central Spain

(not pictured) Great Hill Blue, a cow’s milk blue from Marion, MA


IMG_3550Jonathon Alsop is the founder and executive director of Boston Wine School. I admit, I don’t know anything about wine, just what I like and what I don’t like. Jonathon makes trying wine and learning about wine very approachable. We learned as a group, sharing what flavors we tasted and what we liked and didn’t like. We learned the 7 S’s of wine tasting: see, sniff, swirl, smell, sip, swish, and spit.

IMG_3559The chalkboard gave students a little cheat sheet on wines.

Boston Wine School 2After we tried the wines and cheeses we all sat down to dinner, provided by Bottega Fiorentina in Coolidge Corner in Brookline. We had Pollo Cristina, a chicken and sage dish baked in wine; spinaci all Fiorentina, a baked spinach dish with mushrooms and Timballo a baked pasta with eggplant. Dinner was served with a 2013 Le Piera Pinto Grigio from Veneto in northeast Italy and a 2009 Selvapaina Chianti Rufina from Rufina, Tuscany in central Italy.

Bottega Fiorentina is a small restaurant in Brookline known for thei “fast fine food”.  They have pasta dishes as well as made to order sandwiches. Part market, part restaurant, Bottega Fiorentina has been a neighborhood staple since 1994.

Boston Wine School

1354 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA

Bottega Fiorentina

313 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA

Bottega Fiorentina on Urbanspoon

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Grand Ten Dinner 1On Thursday, July 31st, GrandTen Distilleries paired up with SoonSpoon and Journeyman for “A Better Cocktail Party”. Tickets were $90 to attend the event and it was worth every penny. GrandTen Distilling is owned and operated by Matthew Nuernberger and Spencer McMinn. All of their products are produced in very small batches and distilled in copper. Every step, from choosing the raw ingredients to bottling and labeling, is done by hand.

Grand Ten Dinner 2Guests were greeted with a small welcome drink while they got to know the other guests.

Grand Ten Dinner 3The first pairing was Angelica mixed with Sake and Berentzen.

Grand Ten Dinner 4The Angelica paired with uni har gow with white onion and pickled ginger.

Grand Ten Dinner 5The space is small but it’s charming. There is great light and the service is top notch. The chefs took turns coming out and speaking with the guests, describing the dishes in more detail while Lonnie from GTD talked about the drink pairings. Pictured above Chef Diana (co-owner of Journeyman).

Grand Ten Dinner 6Now THAT’S what I call shaking up a cocktail! Sam Treadway, the bar manager and co-owner of Backbar.

Grand Ten Dinner 7Wireworks Gin was the next pairing – served two ways, the first in a cucumber cup. Above Catherine Owens (GM at Journeyman).

Grand Ten Dinner 8The gin was mixed with Aveze and cucumber bohemian.

Grand Ten Dinner 10This was paired with salmon roe, avocado, dill, grapefruit and olive oil snow playfully presented as a push pop.

Grand Ten Dinner 11The drink was also served sans cucumber cup.

Grand Ten Dinner 12Prepping for the next course, the corn soup.

Grand Ten Dinner 13I have never seen a quieter kitchen, and they consider this the loudest kitchen they have been in. Watching the chefs is amazing, not only are the extremely focused, the intensity and precision that goes into ever dish is impressive. Above, Chef Kelvin.

Grand Ten Dinner 14A closer look at the blow torched hen.

Grand Ten Dinner 15The corn soup with calaminth and black garlic – really quite delicious.

Grand Ten Dinner 16More prep on the hen.

Grand Ten Dinner 17The corn soup was paired with the Medford Rum.

Grand Ten Dinner 18A complex drink for this pairing, it was a saffron foamed Dirt and Diesel. So tasty, I could get used to coming home to a drink like this, too bad it was so labor intensive! The bartender was crushing the ice by hand!

Grand Ten Dinner 19Prepping for the next pairing with Craneberry, a cranberry liquer.

Grand Ten Dinner 20Guinea Hen and Coxcomb crepinette with cranberry mole and corn.

Grand Ten Dinner 21A closer look at the hen.

Grand Ten Dinner 22The craneberry and mile champagne cocktail – I do love me a champagne cocktail!

Grand Ten Dinner 23So pretty!

Grand Ten Dinner 24Lonnie (right) has been with GrandTen Distilling for 2 years. Spencer (right) was making a rare evening appearance, congrats Spencer on the birth of your son!

Grand Ten Dinner 25The South Boston Irish Whiskey was mixed up as old fashioned in small mason jars!

Grand Ten Dinner 26The Old Fashioned paired with porcelet, brioche, spice sphere, ginger and citrus gel.

Grand Ten Dinner 27A closer look at the dish.

Grand Ten Dinner 28Prep for the final course.

Grand Ten Dinner 29Prepping for the rabbit course.

Grand Ten Dinner 30Chef preparing the final course.

Grand Ten Dinner 31The sixth pairing was Fire Puncher Black (vodka) made into a Southern Point.

Grand Ten Dinner 32Rabbit offal, mincemeat, brown butter shortbread.

Grand Ten Dinner 33For the final pairing an Amandine sorbet float.

Grand Ten Dinner 34The finished product.

Grand Ten Dinner 35The final pairing was a blueberry noodle with black and white sesame and caramelized banana. So beautiful. It was almost like a blueberry fruit roll up with blueberries and sesame mochi.

On regular evenings, Journeyman offers a chefs tasting menu for $85. Menu items change daily depending on what is available. Try and grab a seat at the bar area, where you can get an up close show of your food being prepared.


9 Sanborn Court, Somerville, MA

Journeyman on Urbanspoon

Make a reservation with SoonSpoon at

Grand Ten Distilling

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